The Bone Machine

Eposode 4-5

Time: 643 MR, Fall

The adventures realized they would have to go to the abyss to save Chum but the only method of entering the abyss required all the characters have scion blood.

Cyra had Caltrop execute the Sea King she had captured so he could have Scion blood. ? had received the blood of a reluctant leader and in it this gained his own country.

Cyra’s spies started a rumor in the Sea Kings old kingdom that he had not been killed but escaped.

The abyss was cold and icy and the characters had to deal with both icy stairs and hordes of imps. They made their way to a stronghold were they negotiated with the ?Laughing King and ? promised him a temple within his new country.

Chum was returned but the Laughing King tricked ? and overran on of his largest temples with demons and evil clerics.

The party tries to ground the flying tower by destroying the ley lines powering it but Cyra is unable to destroy her ley line and the attempt fails. This leaves war as the only option.

The quest for the sacrificial dagger (cup?) lead to a daring plan to teleport into the writing chamber of Veccna to steal it. Split second timing was required to grab it and escape before Veccna could reacted. Cyra was not so lucky as the evil lich stabbed her in the leg with a pen created from one of his fingers. They characters escaped but a sickness spread through Cyra’s leg and it had to be hacked off for her to survive. This is when the party learned she could only be harmed by silver. Cyra never explained this but the other party members had their own theories and suspicions.



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