The Bone Machine

Episode 3

Time: 643 MR, Summer

The party (Chum, Cyra, and Gentry) finds themselves at Caine Falcone’s Roost, the darkest, scariest mage tower any of them have ever seen.

Out of the shadows a halfling appears. He explains that he is one of the regents the monk has been looking for. After remembering the name from the list and him identifying his bloodmark, Meric, regent of Magian, joins the party and proceeds down the chasm to the base of the mage tower.

  • Feather fall down to base with viscous smelly liquid
  • Enter through sewer
  • Chain bridge golem
  • Golem creation lab
  • Read 4 runes and we create a flesh golem
  • Bone devil golem (Meric gets ceremonial dagger of the cult of the dripping fang +2)
  • Wraith statue / and wraith in shadow realm
  • Lich
  • Wish escape
  • ALL possessions and party now in Medoere
  • Gentry wakes up in Medoere from a dream where he sees the Lich scrapping his blood off the altar.

Time passage: 3 days



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