Cyra Winterborne Talbehr

Countess of Muden Cleric 5 / Rogue 1 (Scion)


Countess Cyra Winterborne Talbehr
Ruler of Muden

Race: Brecht Scion Background: Noble
Class: Cleric 5 (Priestess of the Winter Witch)/ Rogue 1
Alignment: Lawful Evil Age: 23 Height: 5’8" Weight: 145
Eyes: Hazel Skin: Pale Hair: Raven Black

Traits: Vengeful (Crossed), Ideas: Responsiblity (Rule), Bonds: Allies & Friends (Protect), Flaws: Arrogance (Superior Predator), Phobia (spiders), Secret (true lycanthrope)

Blood Line (Azrai) : 54
Abilities: Battle Wise, Regeneration, Enhanced Senses (Darkvision 120), Persuasion

AC 20 (24 with shield) HP 80 HIT DICE 6d12
STR 17 DEX 19 (15) CON 18 INT 14 WIS 18 CHA 18

Sleight of Hand + 7 History + 5 Insight + 7 Deception +7 Persuasion + 10* Warfare + 8*
*-Expertise and Advantage (Scion)

Rapier + 2 + 9 1d8 + 6
Sabre + 1 (off hand) + 8 1d6 + 1
Lt. Xbow + 1 + 8 1d8 + 5
Dagger (Warning) + 7 1d4 + 4
6 Poison Darts + 7 1d4 + 4 + magic poison

Navigation tools, Chess & thieves’ tools
Languages; Common, Brecht, Anuirean, Dwarven

Priestess Abilities:
Wrath of the Storm
Destructive Wrath

Rogue Abilities:
Sneak Attack
Expertise (Persuasion & Warfare)

Lycanthrope Abilities:
Immune to normal weapons (silver)
Adv. Perception (Smell & hearing)
Hybrid and Animal Form

Magic Equipment:
Magic Rapier (r/s/w Brecht hear darkvision 120 LN, Seek kill CG & CE)
Mitheral Breastplate, Shield +2, Amulet of Proof against Detection, Ring of Protection (signet ring), Shirt of Protection (crest), Broach of Shielding, Necklace of Adaption, Gloves of Dex, Ring of Fire Resist, Perp. of Proof against Poison, Helm of Teleport, Cloak of Displacement, Ring of Free Action, Wand of Paralyze, Hat of Disguise, 8 healing potions, 5 magic poison

Normal Equipment:
Fine Red Leather Armor (Court Outfit), 3 Holy Symbols (Winter Witch), Noble clothes, Fine clothes, Belt pouch, Priest Pack, scroll with royal pedigree,


Cyra is the daughter of Richard Talbehr who was the Count of Muden before his mysterious disappearance.

Cyra was born in the coldest winter recorded in Muden the winter of 620 MR. Her mother Casandra Talbehr had a difficult birth which claimed her life, but a priestess of the Winter Witch showed up at the castle and promising she could save the child. In return for saving the royal child, Richard promised to allow the Winter cult to teach her the way of the tempest priestess. So Cyra spent the first part of her childhood under the guidance of the winter cult. She grow up in the court as a happy and carefree child until the age of ten when she went to the main temple in Vos to be taught the ways of the Winter Witch.

During this time she would escape the icy church occasionally to run with a local band of ruffians or to run with the wolves on full moon nights in her animal form. Still the icy cult taught Cyra to be disciplined in both mind and body, but they also gave her tendency toward a lack of mercy or sympathy for others. She believes only the strongest have the right to lead and survive.

She returned home at the age of eighteen, much more reserved and cold then the cheerful child that had left. For the next five years her father would groom her for her place on the throne. She spent a many months with the dwarves of Baruk-Azhik to learning the dwarven language and studying warfare. She shadowed her father on many diplomatic meetings and minor military campaigns. Cyra has acted as an ambassador on her fathers behave as well.

The Bone Machine has given her the ability to prove herself as a warrior, but with the disappearance of her father her thoughts have turned to the ruling and protection of the people of Muden.

Recent Domain History:

643 Spring

Cyra has a dream to travel to Medoere so she traveled there by boat disguised as a merchant. This is when she first learned of the Bone Machine.

Richard Talbehr focused his attention on building up the treasury and building a few military units. (Before we understanding of domain action dynamics)

643 Summer

Richard Talbehr decides to unite all the lands in Muden and establishes minor courts of law in the untamed domains of Ubalmulen, Kostau and Marchbehr. He decided to build a small palace in Saarmen for his daughter as a present and to give her an independent place to rule in the kingdom.

On his daughters suggestion a leyline was built to the kingdom of ? to help establish trade and military protection between the two countries. A trade agreement has yet to be agreed upon however.

Two Artillery and two dwarven crossbowmen units were built as well for home defense.

During this time Richard mysteriously disappeared and Capt. Reaverbane, Lord Halsarm and Baron Schaeffen had to take care of the affairs of the country until Cyra’s return.

The first two things Reaverbane put into effect was a new counter spy network in her country and a decree to appoint a court spymaster to locate the Count. There has been no success on locating the Count however just dozens of rumors and suspensions.

Reaverbane built three marine units.

643 Fall

Cyra returns to find out about her fathers disappearance She is quickly decreed the ruler but she puts of her coronation until winter for there is too much to do to prepare for the Bone Machine. The Sea King Graben is put to trail and executed but Cyra sent a spy to his home country to spread a rumor that he escaped and was seeking to return to his throne.

A court animal trainer was decreed with the main purpose to train three wyvern young Cyra captured as eggs during her adventures.

Cyra sought to increase her holding in the four regions without temples by establishing new churches to the Winter Witch.

Cyra allowed Reaverbane to run the palace in Saarmen as a minor court and naval training base for marines. This helps Reaverbane to more efficiently run the navy and gives her a building of status.

Reaverbane helped to developed two of her minor guilds and built more marine units.

Cyra has mustered five elite military units in prepare for the Bone Machine. She has even prepare to move her army to before the onset of winter. She is looking forward to her first command of the battle field.

Cyra Winterborne Talbehr

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