The Bone Machine

Eposode 4-5

Time: 643 MR, Fall

The adventures realized they would have to go to the abyss to save Chum but the only method of entering the abyss required all the characters have scion blood.

Cyra had Caltrop execute the Sea King she had captured so he could have Scion blood. ? had received the blood of a reluctant leader and in it this gained his own country.

Cyra’s spies started a rumor in the Sea Kings old kingdom that he had not been killed but escaped.

The abyss was cold and icy and the characters had to deal with both icy stairs and hordes of imps. They made their way to a stronghold were they negotiated with the ?Laughing King and ? promised him a temple within his new country.

Chum was returned but the Laughing King tricked ? and overran on of his largest temples with demons and evil clerics.

The party tries to ground the flying tower by destroying the ley lines powering it but Cyra is unable to destroy her ley line and the attempt fails. This leaves war as the only option.

The quest for the sacrificial dagger (cup?) lead to a daring plan to teleport into the writing chamber of Veccna to steal it. Split second timing was required to grab it and escape before Veccna could reacted. Cyra was not so lucky as the evil lich stabbed her in the leg with a pen created from one of his fingers. They characters escaped but a sickness spread through Cyra’s leg and it had to be hacked off for her to survive. This is when the party learned she could only be harmed by silver. Cyra never explained this but the other party members had their own theories and suspicions.

Episode 3

Time: 643 MR, Summer

The party (Chum, Cyra, and Gentry) finds themselves at Caine Falcone’s Roost, the darkest, scariest mage tower any of them have ever seen.

Out of the shadows a halfling appears. He explains that he is one of the regents the monk has been looking for. After remembering the name from the list and him identifying his bloodmark, Meric, regent of Magian, joins the party and proceeds down the chasm to the base of the mage tower.

  • Feather fall down to base with viscous smelly liquid
  • Enter through sewer
  • Chain bridge golem
  • Golem creation lab
  • Read 4 runes and we create a flesh golem
  • Bone devil golem (Meric gets ceremonial dagger of the cult of the dripping fang +2)
  • Wraith statue / and wraith in shadow realm
  • Lich
  • Wish escape
  • ALL possessions and party now in Medoere
  • Gentry wakes up in Medoere from a dream where he sees the Lich scrapping his blood off the altar.

Time passage: 3 days

Episode 2

Time: 634 MR, Spring

The domains

Medoere defended its border against Diemed. Although Medoere had fewer forces their unification of spirit and might of the Silver Prince and Moon God, Ruornil, was able to push back the invaders. Built Guild (1) in Alamier. Built Law (1) in Caermil. Increased court size to 8.

In Müden, Cyra’s father has disappeared and there are rumors of him being kidnapped.

Neither regent knows whats has transpired in their lands, as they are off trying to stop the Bone Machine.

The regents:

At the end of the two weeks in Endier, Chum, Cyra, and Gentry met with Guilder Kalien. Information and horses were passed along to the adventures to head to the mountains on the western border—there they may find a cult still using the ceremonial knife. Guilder warned them of the tower area, south of where they needed to go—the tower of Caine Falcone, who is equally as powerful as Guilder. They learned of a cavern connecting two lakes as a possible entrance to Warrior’s Rest.

The adventurers headed their way to Morildon when they stopped in the temple: Temple of Sarimie (Lady of Fortune, Goddess of Wealth, wife of Ruornil) and Temple of Haelyn (Lord of Noble War and Law; LG).

Next they headed to through the woods and into a small fishing town, Maydock, surrounding the lake. Gentry was quick to find bait for Chum to go fishing. Chum provided a late night monking to one of the houses. Cyra lead the party into the underground cavern.

In the cavern they quickly put to rest a group of mites and spiders.

Then found themselves fighting off a wyvern. After fighting a while, the wyvern look off through an opening in the > 200’ tall cavern ceiling. The party quickly barricaded themselves to take a long rest. They were awoken to a phase spider and giant spider. Luckily the wyvern returned and helped kill the giant spider. By this death, the phase spider had disappeared. Chum and Gentry took a ride on the wyvern holding onto a grappling hook and embedded magical shortsword, respectively. Cyra stayed behind to collect some wyvern eggs.

The party was separated: Cyra escaping the wyvern cavern, and eventually killing the wyvern; Chum fell off the wyvern around the lake, near was the party was headed; Gentry feel off the wyvern on the other side of the mountain from the lake. Gentry and Chum found their way to each other through an ice cave in the mountain—they were surprised that the were not the only ones in the cave, as hundreds of magical skeletons began pouring from the ice floor.

(Need to describe ice skeleton ritual, Guilder showing up, ritual sacrifice, skin growing on skeletons, party reuniting, Gentry using the 9th level spell scroll to stop the end of the world on himself and trying into a red dragon wyrmling, Cyra’s bad-ass-er-y of gust, and then jumping through the portal and showing up at the scariest mage tower ever.)

Time passage: 3 months

Episode 1

Time: 643 MR

The monastery of The Order of the Perpetual Tide rarely gets involved in the ways of the world. They watch and document the push and pull of politics only getting involved when something cataclysmic might throw the world into an imbalance. It is such an event they have foreseen and has forced a humble monk to leave the security of the temple and travel great distances to seek out those few marked ones who can stop The Bone Machine.

Chum the Monk has located 2 of the 10 marked persons—one with green cat eyes and the other with three nipples— who the prophecy tells can bring an end to the evil in the north.

Chum has shown them (Gentry Stone and Cyra), through his scrying gem (Orb of the Ocean), the prophecy. A vision of a completed Bone Machine and another under construction. They have seen the devious way the machine marches into neighboring regions, collapses and rises again as a million undead soldiers. They have seen the terror and heard the scream of the innocent people of the north. But not all answer were revealed, whose hands are cut to drip blood into the chalice, why does the number 12 repeat in the vision and worst of all who is behind this horrifying assault?

They set to foot a plan to collect all of the material components they’ll need to complete a number of realm spells in order to locate the source of the evil and bring down the bone machines. They have collected the hair of a Displacer Beast, they have infused incense with sparking stones, they’ve even collected a swatch from a Cloak of Invisibility but the sacrificial knife eludes them. The old world religions that once sacrificed people have all but been shut out of this world. The travel through Diemed. Take rest in the home of kind farmers. A priest turns them in to the captain of the guard. Gentry Stone makes a possible deal with the Captain to be Medoere’s commander of the army. They are kicked out of Diemed and find themselves in Endier and in the court of a charming but nefariously evil ally, Guilder Kalien (NPC),… or is he?

Time passage: 3 months go by


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