Established in 500 MR by Brun after receiving a vision from Moon goddess Ruornil. Meodere was official born in 543 MR.

Gentry Stone was named regent , Celestial Archpriest, and Sacred Voice of Medoere by Lady Suris, his predecessor.

The domain is ruled by a theocracy (Council of the Nine, each over of the nine Celestial Spells). Grand Curate Elenir Goerin serves as the prime minister, handling the day-to-day operations of the domain. The Celestial Marshall are the theocracy’s watchdog.

The domain worships Ruornil the Moongoddess. Because of this, in Braemer, they work at night and sleep during the day.

A new “drive thru” or “sail thru” trading center is being created in the center of Lake Adele. There are low bridges to the mainland so that heavy supplies and cargo can easily by taken to the city.



Neighboring Domains

Roesone (friends)
Ilien (friends)
Diemed (strained relationship—Medoere established self by taking land from Diemed; has become hostile when Diemed tried to invade and los)

Important People

Lady Suris Enlien, Prophet of Ruornil
Hermedhie, 7th level wizard, controls magic in Alamier and Braeme
Algondier, ___, controls magic in Caernil
Elenir Goerin, Grand Curate, Prime Minister
Altaweir Enlien, Patriarch of the Ninth Spell
General Salazer Faloné (previous general in Diemed)
Lord Katrin Skirvin (Lieutenant)


Alamier: 1 Knight, 1 Infrantry, 1 Pikeman
Braeme: 1 Knight, 1 scout imprisoned from Diemed
Caerwil: 1 Infrantry, 1 Irregulars, 1 Mercenary


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