Caine Falcone's Roost

Located on the eastern border of Endier, Caine Falcone’s Roost is a large mage tower in the mountains.

The tower is carved out of the mountain with no visible windows. There is one door that leads to a 100’ bridge across a chasm. Looking into the chasm, you notice that the tower continues down another 100’ feet.

The walls of the chasm are lined with black obsidian shards—falling against the wall will result in damage. At the bottom of the chasm is a liquid—appears to be sewage/runoff from the mage tower.

The bridge is a rope bridge with 10" planks of black obsidian crystal, spaced 6" apart. When the wind blows against the crystal, they chime and make a noise. Stepping on the planks has a similar result.

On the opposite side of the chasm, from the tower, are two solid watch towers (30’ square bases and 40’ tall) with wraith statues. The wraiths’ hands are covered in gloves with 3 long bladed fingers.

Caine Falcone's Roost

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