The Bone Machine

Episode 2

Time: 634 MR, Spring

The domains

Medoere defended its border against Diemed. Although Medoere had fewer forces their unification of spirit and might of the Silver Prince and Moon God, Ruornil, was able to push back the invaders. Built Guild (1) in Alamier. Built Law (1) in Caermil. Increased court size to 8.

In Müden, Cyra’s father has disappeared and there are rumors of him being kidnapped.

Neither regent knows whats has transpired in their lands, as they are off trying to stop the Bone Machine.

The regents:

At the end of the two weeks in Endier, Chum, Cyra, and Gentry met with Guilder Kalien. Information and horses were passed along to the adventures to head to the mountains on the western border—there they may find a cult still using the ceremonial knife. Guilder warned them of the tower area, south of where they needed to go—the tower of Caine Falcone, who is equally as powerful as Guilder. They learned of a cavern connecting two lakes as a possible entrance to Warrior’s Rest.

The adventurers headed their way to Morildon when they stopped in the temple: Temple of Sarimie (Lady of Fortune, Goddess of Wealth, wife of Ruornil) and Temple of Haelyn (Lord of Noble War and Law; LG).

Next they headed to through the woods and into a small fishing town, Maydock, surrounding the lake. Gentry was quick to find bait for Chum to go fishing. Chum provided a late night monking to one of the houses. Cyra lead the party into the underground cavern.

In the cavern they quickly put to rest a group of mites and spiders.

Then found themselves fighting off a wyvern. After fighting a while, the wyvern look off through an opening in the > 200’ tall cavern ceiling. The party quickly barricaded themselves to take a long rest. They were awoken to a phase spider and giant spider. Luckily the wyvern returned and helped kill the giant spider. By this death, the phase spider had disappeared. Chum and Gentry took a ride on the wyvern holding onto a grappling hook and embedded magical shortsword, respectively. Cyra stayed behind to collect some wyvern eggs.

The party was separated: Cyra escaping the wyvern cavern, and eventually killing the wyvern; Chum fell off the wyvern around the lake, near was the party was headed; Gentry feel off the wyvern on the other side of the mountain from the lake. Gentry and Chum found their way to each other through an ice cave in the mountain—they were surprised that the were not the only ones in the cave, as hundreds of magical skeletons began pouring from the ice floor.

(Need to describe ice skeleton ritual, Guilder showing up, ritual sacrifice, skin growing on skeletons, party reuniting, Gentry using the 9th level spell scroll to stop the end of the world on himself and trying into a red dragon wyrmling, Cyra’s bad-ass-er-y of gust, and then jumping through the portal and showing up at the scariest mage tower ever.)

Time passage: 3 months



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