The Bone Machine

Episode 1

Time: 643 MR

The monastery of The Order of the Perpetual Tide rarely gets involved in the ways of the world. They watch and document the push and pull of politics only getting involved when something cataclysmic might throw the world into an imbalance. It is such an event they have foreseen and has forced a humble monk to leave the security of the temple and travel great distances to seek out those few marked ones who can stop The Bone Machine.

Chum the Monk has located 2 of the 10 marked persons—one with green cat eyes and the other with three nipples— who the prophecy tells can bring an end to the evil in the north.

Chum has shown them (Gentry Stone and Cyra), through his scrying gem (Orb of the Ocean), the prophecy. A vision of a completed Bone Machine and another under construction. They have seen the devious way the machine marches into neighboring regions, collapses and rises again as a million undead soldiers. They have seen the terror and heard the scream of the innocent people of the north. But not all answer were revealed, whose hands are cut to drip blood into the chalice, why does the number 12 repeat in the vision and worst of all who is behind this horrifying assault?

They set to foot a plan to collect all of the material components they’ll need to complete a number of realm spells in order to locate the source of the evil and bring down the bone machines. They have collected the hair of a Displacer Beast, they have infused incense with sparking stones, they’ve even collected a swatch from a Cloak of Invisibility but the sacrificial knife eludes them. The old world religions that once sacrificed people have all but been shut out of this world. The travel through Diemed. Take rest in the home of kind farmers. A priest turns them in to the captain of the guard. Gentry Stone makes a possible deal with the Captain to be Medoere’s commander of the army. They are kicked out of Diemed and find themselves in Endier and in the court of a charming but nefariously evil ally, Guilder Kalien (NPC),… or is he?

Time passage: 3 months go by


Kyle, can the ceremonial dagger (plus 2) get a cool name like ““the necrotic ceremonial dagger of Aerames” or something? :D

Episode 1

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